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October 9, 2013
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Nekotalia x reader
H/C= Hair color  E/C= Eye color Y/N= Your name   F/C= Fave color

You mew annoyed, and open your (e/c) eye's to see the dark brown eye's of a man that looked like he could belong to the Italian mob. You mew as you two just stare at each other a few moments before he finally spoke. "About-a time you woke up bella." Italian? Cute. You remember watching some old mob movies with your old masters and it kind of upset you, as it reminded you that they got rid of you. The Italian seemed to notice you were upset and said, "H-hey. What are you sad about? You're just-a gatto." 'Like you would understand.. No one ever just got rid of you like you ment nothing to them.' You thought sadly as you sat up and mewed sadly again. The dark eye'd Italian looked at you a moment longer then glanced around, like he was making sure no one else was around. "Listen here bella.. You got to be tough if you want to-a make it in this-a life. Think-a you can do that?" He said keeping his dark eye's on your (e/c) one's. Something about him made you feel like he was right.. and maybe he could help you be tough like he seemed to be. You mewed a little more confidently and he smirked a little and said, "There you go bella." He then started to open your cage and you watched him. Was he really thinking about taking you home with him? Once the cage door opened and the dark haired Italian gently pulled out of the cage you had your answer. But now you had a new question. Would you be happy as a cat to a mob boss?

~~~~Time skip brought to you by Spain~~~~

It had been a few weeks and you were getting use to the life of a mob boss's cat. You got the best of the best cat food, and even wore a black Italian leather collar with your name engraved on it in (f/c) stitching. You were almost alway's held but Lovino, or Lovi as you liked to think of him as. Everyone seemed to be kind of scared of the man, but you. You knew he was a very sweet person, just a bit rough on the edges to keep away those that did not try to get to know him or would harm him or his family. Family was very important to him. Lovi even told you once that without your family, you're nothing. You could understand that, on your own you would get no where, but with the love and support of a family you could do anything. Oh and since your master was a mob boss, that made you a boss among the other cats that lived with Lovino's 'family'. You didn't mind Itabby, he was very sweet if not a bit derpy. Though you weren't sure about that Japancat. He sometimes made you uneasy with how quite he was, but he never gave you reason to fear him. In fact the first time you met him he bowed his head and was very respectful towards you. Germouser was a completly different cat. He liked things to be in order and to train, just in case the enemy ever appeared. Who that was you had no idea. You never thought to much about any danger that there could be with you being a mob boss cat. When you weren't being held by your master you eaither explored the large mansion Lovino lived in, or walking the streets with Germouser, Itacat, Japancat and sometimes Germouser's loud brother Gilcat.
Today you managed to sneek out so you could take a walk alone. You had been walking a while when you suddenly relised something. 'I'm lost... Great. I can just hear Gilcat saying how unawesome I am for getting lost.' You think with a sigh and start to look for anything familar. Nothing looked familar, but you were determind to find your way home on your own. You walk down the street hoping that something would look familiar, but so far nothing reminded you of anything. You sigh but a voice caused you to look up. "Hello there love. Are you lost?" It was some man with large eye brows standing there not to far from you. He looked nice, so maybe you could trust him. You mew and walk up to him. "Oh you have a collar, lets see what your name is." He said as he knelt down and picked you up. He looked at your collar and smiled, "(Y/n), what a lovely name for a pretty cat like you love.. Now where do you belong?" He said and looked at the tag on your collar as you start to purr, thinking you had to be very lucky to find someone that was willing to help you. "Oh my, so your Lovino's cat.." You look up at the Brit and mewed curiously. Why was the man surprised? "Well love you're more special then I had orignally thought." He said with a slight smile. "Lets get back to my place and I'll call your master." You mew and flicked your tail, happy that you would be going home soon.

~~~~~~~Time skip brought to you by the Kitty Axis~~~~~~~

It only took a few more minutes and you were now at the British man's home. As he set you down he said, "I'll go and call your master now (Y/n). Play nice with the others." He smiled gently at you and you mewed softly, not really knowing what he ment by play nice with the others. As the Brit walked away you looked around and started to walk further into the house. It was a really nice house. Pretty paintings on the wall, family photo's. and a large book case, you liked laying on those most of all. You then heard something or someone coming towards you. You turn your head in time to see a large maine coon cat  flying at you. You had no time to react as you were tackled to the ground in a tight kitty hug from the other cat. "Dude's!! Iggycat master found another cat to play with!" The Maine Coon said way to loudly for you. You started to panic, you didn't really like any other cats touching you, even more so when you didn't know them. "You bloody git let the poor girl go!" Came a British voice. At first you thought it was that human that saved you. The Maine Coon let you go saying a little sorry, but smiling brightly the whole time. You got up and backed away from the Maine coon saying, "Who are you!?" Your tail was fluffed up still not sure who this was. "I'm terribly sorry for that love. This git never thinks before he acts." The british voice said agian. You look towards it and see a scottish fold cat that was mostly white, but with a few orangey-brown patches on him. His eye's were a bright green, and he sat next to the large Maine Coon. "Sorry dudette! I'm Americat! And he's Iggycat." Iggycat sighed and siad, "Its not Iggycat love, he just refuses to use my proper name. I am Englandcat, a pleasure to meet you." Your tail slowly went back to normal as you nod at the two cats and siad, "Oh okay.. I'm (y/n). Are you the only other cat's here?" "Corse not dudette! There is Chinacat, Russicat, FranceCat and my little bro Canacat! Come with us and we'll let ya meet them!"
You followed the two cats towards the back of the house and were then introduced to the other cats that Americat said were there. Russicat was huge compared to Americat, but he didn't seem to bad. He smiled sweetly at you, called you Sunflower and that was about it. You found him kind of sweet. Canacat was shy and seemed really nervous, but you couldn't see why. He had a really nice collar with the Canada flag pattern on it and even though he was Americat's brother he seemed alot calmer. Then Chinacat surprised you. He was solid black with an odd tuff of fur sticking out the side of his head. He seemed happy to see you and when you stuttered a little saying hello to him he called you cute and tried to cuddle you. Francecat was..well.. He flirted a little to much with you and Englandcat stood up for you getting into an arguement with him. "That is a very nice collar you have there (Y/)-aru.." China cat said as all of you sat in a circle just talking. "Thank you, my master had it made special for me." You replied remembering the day it was given to you. "Really? What is it made out of sunflower?" Russicat asked still smiling sweetly at you. "Umm. I believe Lovi said it was made out of Italian Leather." All of the cat's suddenly looked at each other and then Englandcat said, "Lovi? As in Lovino that human mob boss?" You nodded and siad, "Yeah, he got it specialy made for me and gave it to me a few days after I got out of the shelter." You then  noticed they all suddenly seemed a little different. Their friendly demeanor changing almost instantly. "Dude.. You're that mobsters cat?" Americat asked and you nodded. "Y-yeah.. Why?" You asked not relising how bad it was for you to be there now. "Love, your master is a wanted man.. If you're here that means you're a hostage." "Hostage?" You asked as you started to stand. "Da, that means prisoner little sunflower." Russicat said his smile fading and you felt a chill run up your spine. "Prisoner? But.. but I didn't do anything wrong. I just want to go home." You said as you started to back away, but suddenly you were picked up. It wasn't that British man that found you. It was a different human, this one was also blond but had blue eye's and was wearing glasses. "There you are little dudette.. You're coming with us. You're master should be here soon." He then started to carry you out of there. You were scared, why was everyone so mad at your master? He was a sweet man, sure he yelled alot sometimes but that was cause no one was really nice to him. As you were carried out of the room that the cats were in, they followed the man that had picked you up. What was going to happen? Was your master in trouble? You hoped not, he was a great master and treated you like gold.. It was all your fault, if you had just stayed home none of this would of happened. You mewed sadly, your (h/c) ear's drooping some. 'Why did I have to leave home?' You think to yourself as you're carried into a larger room with 5 other humans in there. "Are you sure it is wise to do this? Lovino is not a man to fool with." The British man said as you were placed in a see threw kitty carrier. You mewed again looking around. "Of course. He needs to be brought in for all he's done, and if this cat gets him to come then we will use her." Said a blond man with a French accent. "I do not think that is good idea." Said the taller Russian sounding man. "He has bad temper da? If he is coming for his little sunflower do you think it will be with no fight?" The men were quite a moment then the blue eye'd man with the glasses said, "You're right dude.. We better get ready for him." You lay down and mew sadly.. They were not going to be nice to your master.. And it was all your fault.  (part 2 coming soon.)
Here s Romo's part!! For the next part will Romono come to the readers rescue? Or will reader-chan be a hostage for the rest of her life? We shall see in part 2!!
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